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Would cause acidosis. HCO3-std: 28 mmol/L: High HCO3-std. Would cause alkalosis. Base excess +3 mmol/L 1 kPa to mm of mercury = 7.50062 mm of mercury.

Pco2 kpa to mmol l

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6,99. pO2 kPa. 0.47. pCO2 kPa.

1 doctor answer • 2 doctors weighed in Share The greater the CO2 partial pressure pCO2, the more carbonic acid (H2CO3) forms. Can express this relationship as : H2CO3 = 0.03 x pCO2 (mm Hg) 0.03 represents the solubility coefficient for the CO2 in the water. The pCO2 of the arterial blood is around 44 mm Hg. Therefore the amount of H2CO3 is equal to 1.2 mmol/L = 0.03 x 40 = 1.2 mmol/L 1 kPa to mm of mercury = 7.50062 mm of mercury.

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The molar weight of CO2 is 44grams per mol, so 1 millimol/L is 44 milligrams per liter. 44mg/L is 44ppm.

Pco2 kpa to mmol l

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Pco2 kpa to mmol l

The patient is suffering from metabolic acidosis as evident from the low pH and low bicarbonate levels.

2p. pH.
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män 8,4-9,9 mmol/L [3] Referensintervall saknas för dessa parametrar i venöst och kapillärt blod. Nivåer i centralvenöst blod är för pH cirka 0,04 lägre, för pCO2 cirka 1 kPa högre, för pO2 cirka 8 kPa lägre och för BE cirka 1 mmol/L högre [5]. Nivåer i centralvenöst blod är för sO2 cirka 25 % lägre [5].

1 pascal is equal to 0.001 kPa, or 0.0075006157584566 mm Hg. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Use this page to learn how to convert between kilopascals and millimeters mercury. Type in your own numbers in the form to convert the units!
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pO2 kPa. 0.47. pCO2 kPa. 13.00.

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HCO3. –, respectively (Pechova et al. 2015). The values of ABB  pH 7.14 and pO2 1.6 kPa, and below pCO2 7.46 kPa and base deficit 13 mmol/L [6,50]. In our study, as expected, venous pH percentiles are higher by almost  Pressure unit conversion between kilopascal and millimeter mercury (0 C), millimeter mercury (0 C) to kilopascal conversion in batch, kPa mmHg conversion   The cut-off value of pCO2 gap in a septic patient was found to be 0.8 kPa (6 Case, Lac (a) (mmol/L), SaO2 (%), ScvO2 (%), pCO2 gap (kPa), RER, Type of  pH (cpH), bicarbonate content (cBic, mmol litre91) and PCO2.